OfficeSource OS Panels Panel System 1 – Panels Only

To exude an aura of professionalism, it may be necessary to reconfigure the workstations of your office. If you want durable workplace furniture solutions for enhancing the privacy and visual appearance of the office, this panel system from OfficeSource will offer you the advantages that you are seeking. This panel system offers a stylish trim, a durable frame, and an element of versatility through the numerous different customizable configurations. The upholstery and finishing available is pewter fabric with a charcoal frame. This system comes with both opaque and view-through panels as well as upholstered panels. This panel system will redefine the look of cabins and workstations. Your employees will perform with greater efficiency if the environment is adequately collaborative, yet private.
  • Durable panel systems with stylish trims
  • Numerous configurations according to your needs
  • Fabric panels as well as opaque view-through panels
  • Practical office partitions to transform the office
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